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Fantastic, I called Rob to ask about a dent on my hood and he responded to rapidly. I had previously attempted many stores who might not do the task due to its area on the suggestion of the hood and stated just a full paint task and body work would repair the issue. Rob provided an affordable price and was versatile with his accessibility. Honestly, in my time receiving services from organisations, this by far the most professional deal I have ever had. Came quickly, described the plan, and went to work. No thrills or frills. Totally the task perfectly. I even asked him to fix an extra dent from the tailgate and a damage for another car which he did completely. I would advise 100%. Truly the king of damage removal.

Really fast to return my call, I texted him an image of the damage that was almost like a "puncture" dent from a sharp corner of another vehicle door. As long as you drive your vehicle in the city or use public parking areas, you are guaranteed that at least when in your life time you will experience a crash. Seen a little damage on my 2015 Audi S3 situated on the guest side of the door.
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Called a few minutes ago to ask about services. As soon as he got the phone, I felt like I was bothering him. The man asked where I live and I told him Covina. He said he didn't service my area (although he came to my place a couple years ago on a different vehicle). Because he only comes to homes and offices, I asked if I could drive down to him rather and he stated no. Exactly what's so tough about me owning to an area near you and maybe deal with my car in a park or at a Starbucks car park? The service last time just took around 20 minutes. Because I'm a repeat consumer and this person did excellent work on my other cars and truck at the time, Pretty disappointing. Whatever, I'll take my organisation in other places clearly. 2 stars just due to the fact that I utilized him a few years ago and he did a good job. His client service and demeanor over the phone was lame today.


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"Auto body store near me" will provide you a list of all the shop closest to you. Other websites such as,, will likewise assist you find auto body repair stores around you. The significant obstacle for that reason depends on knowing which is the best fit for you.


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A great business ought to be able to stand behind their task. Then why ought to you trust them to do an excellent task, if the business is not giving you an assurance of whatever will take place after their services. Service warranties are like a pledge of loyalty.


Cars and truck Dent Repair Shops Near Me

Remarkable service! He concerned me job to repair the damage I had on my Honda. The dent was on the body line of my automobile; which is obviously tough to repair. He made the damage appearance so much better! Although we weren't able to fix it 100%, his work made a huge improvement. I would recommend this business to anyone!


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Due to the fact that I didn't end up going through with the task, I'm leaving this review at 3 stars. I had texted him about a damage on my vehicle - along with other damage repair work guys. Mobile and stores. He informed me my dent was near impossible to work which he wouldn't be able to work it. I informed him to maybe see it in person and he would not do it. I let him understand that other repair people stated they were able to do it. He then informed me there was little to no method anyone might do it appropriately and that just a store could do it. I was disappointed due to the fact that I was told this guy was the very best. Well I kept browsing and found a person up for it. Another mobile dent repair person told me he might do it And more affordable. And by god he did and it looks perfect. This person might ready- however there are much better, for less expensive! Just keep looking.


Cars and truck Dent Repair

Rob was fast in his response to the images I sent to him. He texted me back within 30 minuets on the weekend with a price and was simple to set an appointment with for the following Monday. Rob revealed up right on time and aspired to get to it. He made my day when he informed me that he would be able to get the damage out of the fender, he had actually initially told me by means of text that he wouldn't have the ability to repair. He fixed 3 damages on my truck and the work is perfect. Stired!! I will be suggesting West Coast Paintless Dent Removal to anyone who requires this type of service. Thanks Rob !!


Recently had a dent on my Toyota Highlander fixed by West Coast Paintless Dent Repair. Rob came out and did an awesome job! He was on time and handled the task very rapidly. He will now be my go to man if I ever need work like this done once again. Ideally not anytime soon!


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The greatest thing in our time is most likely the internet. From the convenience of your bed, your may have the ability to get practically anything delivered to you. When it concerns car repair work, you can search tis website to scout your place to find the services closest in distance to you.


Absolutely the very best. Dealing with West Coast made a regrettable fender bender much simpler to get through. Within a 24 hour duration, we had the minor car accident, contacted West Coast for quotes to repair both cars and trucks and both cars fixed exceptionally at an extremely reasonable rate. I concur with all the positive reviews then some. West Coast is an extremely expert company and I would absolutely recommend them.


Automobile Dent Repair Near Me

Amazing!!!!!!!! Rob did an amazing job on my automobile. There's definitely no visible indication of previous damage. I also had him fix a chip in my windshield (found that service readily available on his actual web page) and not only was he cheaper then called SafeGuard, he managed it at the exact same time as my damage repair work and it likewise turned out excellent. I found Rob here on Yelp, he reached my office on time after corresponding through text and sending him photos. He did a remarkable task!!!


Had home appliance damage and he was uncomplicated with his assessment that the problem might not be dealt with. He advised a panel replacement which I did not know was an alternative. I will definitely consider for my vehicle needs provided his reliability.


Customer reviews are the finest when it comes to determining the fact. Many clients will provide an independent evaluation of what to expect without predisposition. While it may be fine to seek your very own experience, if a client declares they are not reliable, you might also run as far as you can from them.


Vehicle Dent Repair Shops

Rob did an AMAZING task removing the damages from my 99 Miata. You can't even tell the ding was there now. While he was here I had him repair a little crack in my windshield. It came out completely. I will absolutely call him whenever I require a damage fixed. Best of all, he appeared EXACTLY on time. I am extremely impressed with both his work ethic and the quality of the task he provided for me.


On the topic of routine maintenance, what you require to remember is that your will have to find a good automobile body store. This is necessary becausesome months your vehicle may need to be serviced for days. You for that reason, have to find a workshop that is not just real however dependable sufficient to be depended keep your cars and truck in mate condition.


Rob is awesome! Something left a dent on the chauffeur's side door of my rental car while I was parked on the streets of LA. It was right along the crease of the door and I was told by lots of shops that it was going to be challenging to repair. I got repair works approximated at 3 other places, but Rob was able to estimate me the least expensive rate. He replied to my texts with pictures of the dent extremely rapidly and it was so simple to make an appt. I truthfully didn't actually care how it looked. I just wanted it to not be visible so enterprise would not charge me, however Rob made it look best! I cannot even tell where the dent used to be. The entire process took a little over an hour and I got to lay in the heat of my own bed. What does it cost? higher can it get? Thanks Rob!

I even asked him to repair an extra damage from the tailgate and a damage for another automobile which he did completely. Really fast to return my call, I texted him a picture of the dent that was almost like a "puncture" dent from a sharp corner of another vehicle door. I had texted him about a dent on my vehicle - along with other damage repair work men. Thanks Rob !!



Recently just recently a dent damage my Toyota Highlander repaired fixed Source West Coast Paintless Dent RepairRepair work Something website left a damage on the motorist's side door of my rental car while I was parked on the streets of LA.

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